About us

We are a boutique illustration and design agency in Brighton offering narrative illustrations and user-focused design.

Design’s main goal is to solve everyday problems. Which is why with every day passing, design becomes less of a purpose and more of a tool for our needs. That said, we believe that design should excite us still.

My first Alphabet, drawn by hand

The challenge: keep it simple and usable.

About us

We love creating compelling digital experiences where the user takes centre stage, offering intelligent interfaces and effective user-journeys. Our main focus is on maintaining our passion for design and creating clever, engaging illustrations to enhance your products.

We work direct or design for agencies across the UK and Switzerland. 

Why use us?

We are interested in your story, how you want to position your brand and most importantly, working to make sure your users feel positive about your brand. 

Well considered, bespoke Illustrations can be the magic ingredient that binds your product together to keep your audience loyal. They may become part of an organisation’s brand and help to build strong brand recognition. They can be assets for blogs, presentations, packaging and websites. They illustrate a booklet or training manual to tell an engaging story. I am passionate about telling a good user-centred story and creating engaging illustrations to lift your content.

What we deliver

We bring strong commercial experience to differentiate company presentations, blogs and websites helping organisations stand out from the crowd.

We strive to deliver a high standard of design. We want to create illustrations that give joy, are memorable and tell your brand story.

We love getting to grips with a good brief and finding solutions that deliver results and will enhance your offering.

"Good design", once said Dieter Rams, "is as little design as possible."

What can we do for your business?

Give me a call on +44 (0) 7818625398.
Sandra Staufer