Software services

Our software solutions approach is hands-on, backed by considerable multisector experience. We also partner with proven highly capable experts to assist in executing the build of your website project.

What we offer

Applications - Control software

We produce software to test products such as controllers and probes via communication protocols to interface with devices. We offer solutions for testing equipment, digital IO, and Analog IO; such as controlling drive actuator's to open and close furnaces doors and movement of probes including feedback to sense when doors are open.

We have extensive experience of communicating with a range of sensor's, (eg temperature measurement) whilst providing effective safety interlocks. We provide all the control logic to make an efficient and safe system.


Application - Simulation software (MOD security cleared)

We create simulation and control software to communicate with bespoke hardware, providing logic to simulate the real system behaviour whilst providing realistic control responses.
We can undertake requirements capture of a system on site,
software consultancy and design services and specialise in real-time mission-critical simulation software.

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